I love snacking. I think that’s pretty much a universal pastime that everyone enjoys. However, I’m one of those people who start snacking… and can’t. freaking. stop. Overeating has been something that I’ve struggled with pretty much ever since I hit puberty. As I got older though, it stopped being those “time of the month” cravings and it started to become more of a habit. I would snack on some fruit, but end up eating the entire carton. Or I would eat a big dinner, convince myself that I absolutely needed to have some dessert, and end up helping myself to quite a few servings of ice cream. And let me tell you my friends, if you’re like me and struggle with overeating AND you can’t seem to grasp the concept of “portion control,” it makes for some serious bloating and just an overall feeling of disgustingness (just me?). I am guilty of guilty eating. Where you eat something because it’s so yummy looking and its calling your name, but 5 seconds after you’ve devoured it, you feel a wave of regret. The more I educate myself about health and nutrition though, I learn that you should never be feeling guilty about eating something after you’ve eaten it. And if you are, it might be a good idea to start looking into your diet and making changes so that you feel happy and (your belly’s) satisfied!

Going to college has definitely sent my diet on a rollercoaster ride. Between trying to find healthy (& good tasting) food at the dining hall, unhealthy (& very tempting) snacks kept in the dorm room, & late night binge snacking due to stress and just COLLEGE, it’s taken me a while to really get consistent and figure out what foods do and don’t sit well with me. This is okay. Sure, it sucks to go to college determined to not gain any weight, but that’s not realistic. There are so many new things you’re introduced to and you’re bound to slip up. But it’s how you bounce back from that slip up that will really count! I wanted to share a few tips that I’ve been using lately that have helped me refrain from reaching for those unnecessary (& unhealthy) snacks that just seem to follow me around everywhere I go!!!! I’m not going to mention any foods that I like to snack on in this post because I’ve also learned that people’s bodies and what makes everyone gain/lose weight can be very different depending on the person, but if you do want to see that in another post let me know and I’d be happy to share with y’all what I love.



Ask yourself these three questions before you’re about to start snacking or overeating.

#1: Am I really hungry or do I just want to eat it because it tastes good?

#2: How is this going to benefit my body both inside and outside?

#3: Am I going to regret eating this after I’ve done so if I do choose to eat it?



*9/10 the reason you want to “snack” on something or keep eating after a meal, is because you’re actually just dehydrated or thirsty. Try drinking a glass of water before snacking and if you’re still hungry afterwards, then eat. If not, don’t eat.*


If water didn’t help because you just need some flava flavvvv, brew yourself some good ol’ tea. My favs are peppermint or rooibos (especially at night)! I mean plus, It’s finally cold enough outside to drink it & not sweat while doing so!!

Once you’ve put yourself into the mindset of getting back on track, living a healthy lifestyle, and bettering your body, it’s going to be easier to avoid frustrating eating habits like snacking and overeating. Yes, these tips are very very simple; but I promise, like I said, once you’re in that positive, motivated headspace, these tips really do help! And the fact that they’re simple is the reason they work, don’t listen to that complex, over-the-top nonsense that magazines feed you.

Let me know if you liked this style of post where I just write out some tips for y’all because it’s something I enjoy and hope to do more of soon! Maybe I’ll do some holiday themed tips…

Stay warm (the holidays are upon us!!!) ☕️🍂🔥


Outfit Of The Day: plaid & denim









I am obsessing over the long coat look this fall & I especially love it paired with this long plaid maxi! Oversized layers are basically what I live in during the cooler weather (who am I kidding I live in oversized clothes year round). Days like these where it’s sunny out, but 65 degrees, is when oversized layers come in handy because they’re easy to remove when you get too hot in the sun. This strappy dress also just compliments my long sleeved coat perfectly with the coloring… actually, can we just talk about this coat for a second? I am in love with it. It’s all dark denim AND it has a hood. PLUS it’s not even hot at all, it’s so light weight!!! Definitely cop yourself one, everyone needs it in their life, trust me. HAPPY FALL Y’ALL.

Coat: Zaful

Dress: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Converse

Glasses: Honey mix


halloween costume ideas: mermaid out of water


Hello loveliesss! I am back with another Halloween costume idea & this one, I’ve got to say, might be my new favorite. Probably because this look is a Mermaid & what’s not to love about Mermaids. They’re majestic, mesmerizing, sexy, mysterious, & {real}. But honestly, I just think that with the colors I used & the shimmery, dewy features, it’s simply an all around beautiful look… one that is bound to make you stand out on halloween night! My goal was to shoot for a mermaid that had been out of water for too long & was starting to change back into a her scaly self. So that’s why I created patches of scales instead of scales all over my skin; plus, I think it’s prettier with just a few patches of scales, but totally feel free to change it up & make it how you like it!



You can either wear the face makeup with a fitted maxi skirt (to give the effect of the tail) paired with a bralette, or you can go all out & purchase an awesome mermaid co-ord (something like this or this)!! You can even just stick on some printed out shells like I did, stick em on your top, & you’re good to go! I just pinned the front pieces of my hair back so you can see the scales on my face & braided a couple strands in the front; but, a beautiful pastel blue or green wig (or really whatever colors you use) would look gorgeous & tie in the entire look so well. To find out what makeup/face paint I used to create this mermaid gal, keep reading below. ALSO GUYS, if you want me to do a tutorial on this look please let me know on social media or in a comment below & I’d be more than happy to!



Face paint: Walmart (no need to splurge on crazy expensive face paint, literally anything works if you use it right.)

Highlight kit: Anastasia Glow Kit

Eyeshadow: (for the scales) Makeup Forever Artist Palette

I want to see y’alls recreations of this halloween look, so please send me them over social media or in a comment!! Thanks so much for reading.

Instagram: @mandadimarco

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Snapchat: mandadimarco


halloween costumes: snapchat filters

Hello everyone! Or shall I say.. BOO!!!! Who’s excited for Halloween? I am. Can you tell?


This year for Halloween I’m going to be sharing quite a few costume ideas with y’all; THREE individual ones to be exact & maybe, a couple group ones too… so stay tuned to find out! I already made one post on face makeup/paint ideas, so if you haven’t seen that already then go check it out here. AND SPEAKING OF FACE PAINT, today’s ideas are kind of similar. I did this one for all my gals who don’t wanna go full out and transform themselves into something like a freaky (but badass) skeleton, but still want to participate and attend some Halloween parties. AHEM, HERES YOUR CHANCE TO SWITCH IT UP FROM THE BASIC CAT COSTUME, Y’ALL. I am showing you 3 snapchat filters you can recreate that are super easy, adorable, & give you the choice to either wear a themed outfit with, or just throw on a cute & trendy one.






So this one is obviously the easiest of the bunch. Just apply really natural makeup & a ton of highlighter to give you that pale/glowing effect like the filter does; however, it does involve purchasing either a flower crown or flowers to make the crown on your own. Tip: If you want real flowers, purchase dead ones. These are going to hold better and last longer. If not, just buy fake ones from Michael’s, bobbi pin them in, & voilà! For your outfit, you can either wear all black and stick a snapchat sign to your shirt (so people really know what you are, lol) or throw something boho on to go along with it!





I really really love this one guys, I just think it’s so adorable! If you love animal costumes, definitely recreate this look. All you really need is a palette of colorful face paint (I got mine from cvs, so you don’t need to go to a special halloween store) & a printer. Once you’ve painted your face like the Bambi filter, print out a picture of the ears, take some double-sided tape & stick them to the side of your face! Don’t make the same mistake I did; make sure your ears aren’t too big because then they’ll look way too overpowering like mine, haha. I think it’d be so cute to wear a tan t-shirt dress with this look, that way your outfit doesn’t take away from your face paint!



(I couldn’t take a snap with this filter since it’s gone, so I had to find a picture of it online, lol)





To achieve the rainbow ralf snap filter, all you have to do is again, work with a colorful paint palette once you’ve done a very natural makeup look. One thing I suggest is to take a white eyeliner to your waterline to get the effect that your eyes are bigger and then taking some highlighter or white eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyelid! I found it easiest to just put the rainbow colors one by one on my fingers and drag down from my lips, so you don’t even need a paintbrush! Tip: take a pencil and dip it in white paint to create the twinkles. I would either go all out and wear a rainbow outfit or I’d do a black outfit so my face stood out!


And there you have it guys, you’re real-life snapchat filters! If you recreate this look, be sure to tweet it or Instagram DM it to me & ALSO, look out for my next halloween post… I’m doing something super majestic👻🌊


halloween face paint ideas!


If you’re one of those people who may 1) just be lazy or 2) prefer not to go “all out” for halloween, face paint is right up your alley! You can still get away with not dressing up if you get super creative with your face makeup/paint, & no, drawing on kitty whiskers does not count. Halloween is one of the only times you can play dress up and transform into anything your heart desires, so don’t be a noob & participate. And it’s fun to challenge your artistic ability, so have fun with your look too!! Keep reading below to see some of the looks we came up with. I also attached inspiration photos that we used and any youtube tutorials that helped us create these looks!





I knew I wanted to show you guys a skull look because duh, skulls are bad ass. So, I had Mikaela create this look and she went with a super simple version. The thing I love about her version is that it’s so simple, she can wear a really sexy or trendy black outfit without looking like there’s too much going on. Wear the look with this super chic jumpsuit from forever21! Another idea that I absolutely love is this colorful glam skull created by youtuber Nicole Guerriero (she seriously creates the sickest looks). Skulls are just classic halloween looks and it’s cool to kind of make it your own. Also, if you don’t want to have a full face of paint/makeup on, half skulls look awesome too!




This ones for all those gals out there that just love the sexy kitty cat look. It’s time to step it up and be a dang lioness! As we mature, so do our halloween costumes, ladies. In my opinion, the lion look is better than the kitty anyways because it’s more powerful. With all the contouring and bronzing you’ll look super intense & fierce. Just make sure you tease your hair lots & wear an outfit that involves a fur vest like this one or neutral tones. Here’s the tutorial that Julia gained her inspo from!






So, I created this look on my own & it was honestly so much fun to do! I knew I wanted to make an intergalactic galaxy girl because I wanted to do something that incorporated a bunch of colors and textures like glitter. I think the perfect way to complete this look is by throwing on a black tube top & some funky galaxy/alien bottoms like these! Creating this was a little challenging, but also exciting because you basically just free hand and keep adding colors in different areas until you get the look of the galaxy that you want. After you get that base down, you can then add in fun features like constellations, black holes, or stars! I’m going to be creating a video tutorial of this too, so look out for it sometime this week!!


If you’re thinking of recreating these looks remember not to stress or worry too much if it doesn’t look the exact same or if you mess up along the way. It’s all about making them your own & having fun while doing it! Comment below which one was your favorite & what y’all are thinking of being this halloween💀🎃👻