4 wet hairstyles for spring!

Like many of you, when I think of Spring my mind goes to flowers & patio-evenings, flowy tops & pastel dresses, bathing suits & playing in the pool, and alllllllllll the vitamin C I can get. Really, I try to spend as much time as I can outdoors and take advantage of this whole spring forward daylight!! Every year around this time when the pool warms up a bit from the florida heat, I am in the water at least 3 times a week. Whether it’s the beach on a weekend, or a daytime swim sesh, you can guarantee I’m there. From all my time spent in & out of the water over the years, I think I pretty much had to learn how to work with “wet pool hair.” You know, when you’ve been in the pool the whole day & forget you had that thing at 5, so you rush out & get dressed, but shit it’s 4:48 & you really need to leave!! Yeah. You sort of rack up a whole list of some-what-questionable hairdos after a while. But then there’s those few that are just… damn.

When coming up with a “wet hair-do,” there’s two major things I like to keep in mind: what it will look like when it’s dry, and what it will look like when I take it down. That being said, all of these hairdos I am about to show you will leave your hair looking good & with a beachy-waves aftermath! Without further ado, here are my 4 pulled back, wet hair-dos for the Spring time!

(Personally, I don’t like to wear wet hair down because I don’t like how it feels. But if you like to and want me to make another post on wet hairdos down, let me know and I gladly will!)

space bunz


Okay, I’m obsessed with these cuties!! I’ve always done space buns with all of my hair, but I love how they look with a half up half down. Also, by pulling the hair from the front back, it’ll keep the wet hair off of your face!



I love the fact that this style isn’t just a simple french braid, 1) because it’s unique & 2) because I’m terrible at french braiding. So, with this do, I can fake two french braids, tie a low ponytail, & braid the hair in the pony! You get the effect of a complex, full french braid, but it’s actually not. Oh how I love cheats. tip: wiggle the hairs in the braided pony and pull them apart to give an effect of having thicker hair!!

double high bunz

buns x2

So, my go-to hairstyle either getting out of the pool or the shower is definitely a simple high knot bun. However, I wanted to switch it up a bit. All I did was grab hair like I would for a half up half down top-knot, then knot the remaining bottom hair. I think this look is awesome; it’s super unique (which you know is my fav) & will also leave you with the cutest curly locks!

braid bunz

braid bun

This look is another twist on my go-to high bun! I think this is the best do if you want your hair to look good and textured after its dried! I just pulled my hair into a high ponytail, braided it, and wrapped it around creating the bun! Every time I do this style I get the best after pool curls, so this is definitely a good go-to look!

I want to know what your favorite wet hair looks are so leave a comment down below or in my ask.fm and share with me!!!


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