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As many of you may have seen on my Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter… basically every social media account I could get my hands on :-)… I went to not one, but TWO senior proms this year!! What I’ve learned to be true each time, is that the best part about prom is the preparation, lol. Now don’t get me wrong, the actual prom is a good time when you spend it with the right person (s/o lucas who I could literally have the best time with watching paint dry), but all you really get out of it is a shitty dinner and shitty music that doesn’t even make you want to dance, lol. To me, & probably most girls, the real rush is looking for a prom dress, planning your hair & makeup look, and gettin’ all dolled up to take bomb pictures with your man & good friends (and if you’re like me, scoping out all of the dresses at pictures & making a mental best & worst dressed list, lol).

When I’m planning my look for prom, I always go for simplicity and elegance. The flashy, sparkly typical prom dress like this is just totally not my style because I like the more mature look. If you do too, here’s a tip: stick with solids, sleeks, & slits. The brand that I’ve found is perfect for achieving all of these requirements, is Flynn Skye, which is where both of my dresses were from this year. Since the dresses are more on the simple side, they can come off a bit casual. Just make sure you dress it up with your makeup/hair, shoes, & accessories; but hey, that’s the fun part!!


For my prom, I wore an off the shoulder dress that had a definite beach vibe to it. So not planned, but the theme was Polynesian Paradise so I fit in perfectly! Since it was off the shoulder, but wasn’t showing too much of my back, I figured I would where my hair down. To go along with the island feel, we braided two pieces on the sides and tied it back into a sort of half up half down. For my makeup, I wanted to keep it light and natural, so I didn’t apply much and made sure to make my face very highlighted. Oh!! I also got this super sick white henna done by Zulay at worldhenna! I think something like this or flash tats are so fun for an event like prom.

IMG_8546 (1)

At Lucas’ prom, I wore a sleek white halter dress with a low cut open back. I thought a ponytail was perfect for this look because it drew attention to the open back making it more dramatic, and also emphasizing the high neck at the same time. For my makeup, I kept it very highlighted again, but made my eyes more defined by lining the outer corners of my lower and upper lash line with a dark space gray eyeshadow. And of course, I finished it off with that Dolce K by kyliecosmetics 😉

 Which look did you all like best?! Let me know in the comments below!!


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