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  • Things I’ve Learned During My First Week At Art School


  • Casey Noble

    09/16/16 at 2:17 pm

    Yes! This is perfect… Coffee is life! Socializing leads to networking, which becomes the lifeline for promoting your work! Art materials are VERY EXPENSIVE, but they teach you to appreciate all materials in every form. Tools and tool-making are avid to advertising success! All artwork is good artwork, from little children to professional adults… all things are artful and creation is everywhere! Trying is doing, and that is all we can ever do with this wonderful life! Anything will get you anywhere… Very Proud of you Amanda 🙂

    • amanda198

      09/16/16 at 11:14 pm

      Casey! Wow.. this means so much to me, thank you 🙂 It’s so awesome to hear from you & all your kind words. I hope you are doing awesome & that the baby is doing wonderful, I bet it’s such an amazing time in your life right now!! Xx


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