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Because of Hurricane Matthew & having been evacuated from Savannah, my roommates and I decided to take a lil road trip up to my hometown Orlando & wait out the storm. And no, it was not a bad idea, Matthew barely hit Orlando, lol! Although, what we weren’t anticipating was to be stuck here for another week as they clean up the aftermath in our beautiful Sav. So, because were basically on a weird hurricane break, I decided to show my roommates around Orlando. I took them to a thrift store called Orlando Vintage Clothing Co (which btw, go here if you want to find bomb pieces for your halloween costume) & we went crazy over all the vintage sunglasses. Like crazy. These beauties were all under $15 and from the greatest fashion decades like the 50’s, 60’s, & 70’s. I’m pretty positive we each bought at least 2 pairs. Key word: at least. Anyways, after we got our sunnies, we headed to Lake Pickett road to pick up some pumpkins at the pumpkin patch so we could carve them and make yummy pumpkin seeds! You guys, both my roommates are from up North (New York & New Jersey) so when we showed up to the pumpkin patch they were both like, “wow Florida Fall sucks”😂. Apparently where they’re from donuts & apple cider are a thing?? So, I agree, Florida step your game up!!

Outfit details:

On Julia: Urban Outfitters dress (ON SALE)

On Mikaela: Urban Outfitters tunic (in store)

On Mands: Urban Outfitters romper (ON SALE)

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