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Hello everyone! Or shall I say.. BOO!!!! Who’s excited for Halloween? I am. Can you tell?


This year for Halloween I’m going to be sharing quite a few costume ideas with y’all; THREE individual ones to be exact & maybe, a couple group ones too… so stay tuned to find out! I already made one post on face makeup/paint ideas, so if you haven’t seen that already then go check it out here. AND SPEAKING OF FACE PAINT, today’s ideas are kind of similar. I did this one for all my gals who don’t wanna go full out and transform themselves into something like a freaky (but badass) skeleton, but still want to participate and attend some Halloween parties. AHEM, HERES YOUR CHANCE TO SWITCH IT UP FROM THE BASIC CAT COSTUME, Y’ALL. I am showing you 3 snapchat filters you can recreate that are super easy, adorable, & give you the choice to either wear a themed outfit with, or just throw on a cute & trendy one.






So this one is obviously the easiest of the bunch. Just apply really natural makeup & a ton of highlighter to give you that pale/glowing effect like the filter does; however, it does involve purchasing either a flower crown or flowers to make the crown on your own. Tip: If you want real flowers, purchase dead ones. These are going to hold better and last longer. If not, just buy fake ones from Michael’s, bobbi pin them in, & voilà! For your outfit, you can either wear all black and stick a snapchat sign to your shirt (so people really know what you are, lol) or throw something boho on to go along with it!





I really really love this one guys, I just think it’s so adorable! If you love animal costumes, definitely recreate this look. All you really need is a palette of colorful face paint (I got mine from cvs, so you don’t need to go to a special halloween store) & a printer. Once you’ve painted your face like the Bambi filter, print out a picture of the ears, take some double-sided tape & stick them to the side of your face! Don’t make the same mistake I did; make sure your ears aren’t too big because then they’ll look way too overpowering like mine, haha. I think it’d be so cute to wear a tan t-shirt dress with this look, that way your outfit doesn’t take away from your face paint!



(I couldn’t take a snap with this filter since it’s gone, so I had to find a picture of it online, lol)





To achieve the rainbow ralf snap filter, all you have to do is again, work with a colorful paint palette once you’ve done a very natural makeup look. One thing I suggest is to take a white eyeliner to your waterline to get the effect that your eyes are bigger and then taking some highlighter or white eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyelid! I found it easiest to just put the rainbow colors one by one on my fingers and drag down from my lips, so you don’t even need a paintbrush! Tip: take a pencil and dip it in white paint to create the twinkles. I would either go all out and wear a rainbow outfit or I’d do a black outfit so my face stood out!


And there you have it guys, you’re real-life snapchat filters! If you recreate this look, be sure to tweet it or Instagram DM it to me & ALSO, look out for my next halloween post… I’m doing something super majestic👻🌊


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