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halloween costume ideas: mermaid out of water


Hello loveliesss! I am back with another Halloween costume idea & this one, I’ve got to say, might be my new favorite. Probably because this look is a Mermaid & what’s not to love about Mermaids. They’re majestic, mesmerizing, sexy, mysterious, & {real}. But honestly, I just think that with the colors I used & the shimmery, dewy features, it’s simply an all around beautiful look… one that is bound to make you stand out on halloween night! My goal was to shoot for a mermaid that had been out of water for too long & was starting to change back into a her scaly self. So that’s why I created patches of scales instead of scales all over my skin; plus, I think it’s prettier with just a few patches of scales, but totally feel free to change it up & make it how you like it!



You can either wear the face makeup with a fitted maxi skirt (to give the effect of the tail) paired with a bralette, or you can go all out & purchase an awesome mermaid co-ord (something like this or this)!! You can even just stick on some printed out shells like I did, stick em on your top, & you’re good to go! I just pinned the front pieces of my hair back so you can see the scales on my face & braided a couple strands in the front; but, a beautiful pastel blue or green wig (or really whatever colors you use) would look gorgeous & tie in the entire look so well. To find out what makeup/face paint I used to create this mermaid gal, keep reading below. ALSO GUYS, if you want me to do a tutorial on this look please let me know on social media or in a comment below & I’d be more than happy to!



Face paint: Walmart (no need to splurge on crazy expensive face paint, literally anything works if you use it right.)

Highlight kit: Anastasia Glow Kit

Eyeshadow: (for the scales) Makeup Forever Artist Palette

I want to see y’alls recreations of this halloween look, so please send me them over social media or in a comment!! Thanks so much for reading.

Instagram: @mandadimarco

Twitter: @mandadimarco

Tumblr: mandadimarco.tumblr.com

Snapchat: mandadimarco


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