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How To Step Back Into Reality

Happy New Year, my lovely pals! I hope everyone had the most magical winter break filled with love, laughter, and memory making. I am so excited for what’s to come in 2017! I can just feel that it’ll be a year full of opportunity. However, I think one thing everyone starts out the new year…

17 resolutions for 2017

New Years Eve is a time to reflect, to set goals, to celebrate good times, and to leave all the bad ones behind. New Years Eve is also a time to be selfish and to take time to really turn inward. Brew some tea, grab a journal or laptop, sit down, and think about your life….


I love snacking. I think that’s pretty much a universal pastime that everyone enjoys. However, I’m one of those people who start snacking… and can’t. freaking. stop. Overeating has been something that I’ve struggled with pretty much ever since I hit puberty. As I got older though, it stopped being those “time of the month” cravings and it…