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pray for orlando

Today I woke up to the news of 50 people killed & 53 injured at a night club 25 minutes away from my own home. Yesterday my heart was heavy all day from the news of Christina Grimmie’s death, which also happened 30 minutes away from my house. Orlando is not an unsafe place, but when…


Nothing says Sunday in April like Coffee dates & Spring outfits… You guys. I discovered the cutest little cafe in Winter Park!! It’s called Krungthep & it’s an authentic Thai teatime joint that also serves panini’s, salads, coffee & desserts (I recommend the ‘monkey’s’ dessert & add strawberries… 2 die 4). The vibe of the cafe is…

what to keep in your carry on

As a person who’s been on hundreds of planes since I was practically an infant, I think I’ve pretty much mastered the skill of packing the perfect carry-on bag. You may be thinking, “I didn’t think the perfect carry-on was even a thing?” but I assure you, it is. Whenever I’m planning my outfit for a…